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The fabulous story of Salies-de-Béarn is explained inside a typical house of the Béarn. You will discover how salt helped to build the city and contributed to its development. 

The salt in Salies is the spine of this little Béarnaise town, situated between Biarritz and Lourdes, and well known for its spa.


There are several interesting areas to visit on 3 levels, creating a fun visit for everybody.

The origin of salt exploitation : since gallo-roman times until modern-times (workshop of salt manufacture and shareholder area) ; 

Two facets of Salies : since 1850, the spa district has developed next to the “Vieux Bourg” district, where Béarnaise traditions remain ;

Why is there salt in Salies ? 

Study the geology of Salies and that of Béarn des Gaves, illustrating the evolution of landscape in the course of the geological times.

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