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To visit the salt museum...

Alone, with your family, a group or friends... So many possibilities to discover the story about this salt town.

The visit of Musée du Sel et des Traditions Béarnaises is the opportunity to discover the entire collection that traces more than 4000 years of history.

Through the discoveries about origins of salt, archeology, the story of shareholders, or the spa in 19th century ; the museum offers a tour which is playful yet instructive.

Supplemented with precise supports to do a self-guided visit, the museum also has the aid of new technologies to highlight every collection.


Group visits (10 people minimum) are proposed throughout the year on reservation. 

For a period of one hour, the visit is realized by our guide in french or béarnais.

You can choose one theme between the 5 proposed.

You can consult them here 


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16 - objets thermalisme - Coll AVS.JPG
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